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author Phil H
title Moonlight aurora
date1/10/2002 1:42:33 AM
detailsA bright aurora stands over a creek while the moon lights the landscape. 15 second exposure at f/2.8, 20mm lens, provia 400F.
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 329.45score: 9.168voted: 104

rank: 3comments: 90viewed: 23401
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1 Misster   (1/10/2002 1:46:40 AM)
Is this for real? Amazing ! You've really captured the moment - concratulations!
2 StudRider   (1/10/2002 1:48:04 AM)
Gorgeous! My kinda photograph! Well Done.
3 JM FERRER   (1/10/2002 1:55:08 AM)
Wonderful, fantastic picture
4 AZ high voltage   (1/10/2002 1:59:58 AM)
Fantastic Phil!
Has a 3-D look to it as well with the stars behind the curtains. The reflection in the water is the icing on the cake!
5 RobertF   (1/10/2002 2:27:54 AM)
Outstanding! Colors and exposure are very exceptional!
6 Strider   (1/10/2002 2:42:13 AM)
You have really taken a fine shot!
7 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (1/10/2002 3:17:36 AM)
Amazing nature/landscape shot. You've taken a wonderful show in nature.
8 Jacob   (1/10/2002 3:27:51 AM)
no comments!!!
9 billst (Bill Stengel)   (1/10/2002 3:52:52 AM)
Beautifully composed and captured!
10 alc   (1/10/2002 3:58:28 AM)
What an interesting and well done image! 9.5
11 LL Portugal   (1/10/2002 5:01:00 AM)
Incredible !!! Fantastic photo *****
12 Lockhart   (1/10/2002 6:06:59 AM)
Absolutely stunning work Phil. Bill (10)
13 MelanieK.   (1/10/2002 6:38:51 AM)
Just beautiful!
14 Vad Ivanov   (1/10/2002 6:43:12 AM)
Beautiful, almost unreal picture!
15 Vitor Dias   (1/10/2002 7:03:48 AM)
Other great photo, without comments, excellent. congratulations (9,85) regards Vitor Dias
16 janeca (Joćo Espinho)   (1/10/2002 7:58:54 AM)
Outstanding. (9,50)
17 Phil Hilden   (1/10/2002 9:10:48 AM)
Bravo! 10
18 Palm-Harbor   (1/10/2002 9:14:45 AM)
Phil, this photo is about as close to perfection as I can imagine!
19 robinschooley (Robin Schooley)   (1/10/2002 9:25:59 AM)
Wow! Guess I'm just surprised how much DOF you have for such a wide aperature. Focused at infinity, I'm sure. This is a real beauty!
20 Hans (photography or politics?)   (1/10/2002 9:36:24 AM)
Stunning scene. "Good lighting". I don't like the cutting of the top light curve though. Maybe crop a little on top. Taste thing I guess.
21 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (1/10/2002 9:53:57 AM)
This is incredible, what a treat to have seen in person Phil, composition is excellent! (9.2)
22 E.J. (E.J. Peiker)   (1/10/2002 10:11:53 AM)
A stunning photograph!!!
23 mouse (nancy howell)   (1/10/2002 10:18:01 AM)
Breath takeing; fantastic photograph.
24 Tracy Ferrero   (1/10/2002 10:35:35 AM)
I really like how the aurora seems to emerge from the mountain... almost like a volcano exploding. This is spectacular. 9 pts for the excellent photo, and an extra point for braving the cold elements in order to make the photo.
25 bmac   (1/10/2002 10:40:13 AM)
Beautiful shot, something you don't see everyday!
26 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (1/10/2002 10:46:06 AM)
Just an amazing shot!
27 Volodya   (1/10/2002 11:01:07 AM)
28 Donnarae   (1/10/2002 11:01:30 AM)
29 Donnarae   (1/10/2002 11:03:04 AM)
Phil, this is an A
30 Donnarae   (1/10/2002 11:05:03 AM)
All of the plus signs did not record.
31 valerie hutton   (1/10/2002 11:24:49 AM)
Phil............this is truly inspirational!!!!
got my vote:)
32 Ann B   (1/10/2002 11:25:49 AM)
Wow! Phil, I missed this one until I saw it as Photo of the Day. Congratulations, excellent shot!
33 Phil H   (1/10/2002 12:30:29 PM)
Thanks for all the appreciative comments. This is one of my all-time favourite aurora photos of the several thousand I have made.
34 Jill B   (1/10/2002 12:32:56 PM)
Amazing work--as usual!! -Jill
35 BIGA (bighin vincenzo)   (1/10/2002 12:40:20 PM)
Super excellent
36 Gloria Hopkins   (1/10/2002 1:12:40 PM)
Well, I just commented and hit the submit button and my comment didn't show up. I hope my vote did :) because now I have a red ball. It is a breath-taking image. One of the finest nature shots I've had the pleasure of seeing. It is beyond critique, IMO. Way to go.
37 JMak (Jorge Mak)   (1/10/2002 1:14:48 PM)
Just a word: excellent!!!
38 Ben Horne   (1/10/2002 1:36:36 PM)
Wow!!!! Awesome shot! My jaw dropped when I saw the thumbnail of this on the homepage. This is a very well deserved POTD. The composition of the aurora is top notch. I love how it diagonally reaches out from the mountain, then swirls through the top of the photo and down the right side. The shape of the aurora really makes this a dynamic photo -- on of the best aurora images I've seen. Excellent work.
39 Darwin   (1/10/2002 2:13:21 PM)
I knew it would only be a matter of time when you got to the top... and I knew it would be with a Northern Lights image. You Aurora shots are the best I have ever seen. Congratulations on getting a score this image deserves! 9.75
40 Amuletum ( )   (1/10/2002 3:16:30 PM)
Yow, Phil. What a sight to behold. You've captured it beautifully. Thank you for sharing your most excellent image.
41 erlandpil   (1/10/2002 3:39:49 PM)
Very nice
42 Antonio Jorge Nunes   (1/10/2002 3:55:38 PM)
Outstanding. Great composition and breathtaking view. This is magical... Inspirational, indeed. (10)
43 Haim Ziv   (1/10/2002 5:02:07 PM)
All asaid. Wonderful.
44 Derek Dobbie   (1/10/2002 5:35:56 PM)
No doubt about it, an awesome sight. It does have a feel of the unreal about it, but I reckon that is because most of us have never sen anything like this before. DD.
45 MJFerron   (1/10/2002 6:08:43 PM)
Everyday it seems there is a new #1 photo. All have been great and this is no exception. Congratulations. 9.5
46 Chantal   (1/10/2002 6:30:34 PM)
47 owlz (Donna Eaton)   (1/10/2002 6:39:43 PM)
Wow, just incredible!
48 Shirley D. Cross   (1/10/2002 7:25:37 PM)
Wow! And Wow again! One of the prettiest aurora photos I've seen!
49 BGussy (Beverly GUstafson)   (1/10/2002 7:40:46 PM)
I'm speechless, this is absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the POTD, a well deserved honor! - Beverly
50 Nev   (1/10/2002 8:34:00 PM)
most definitely a spectacular shot that is well worthy of all the praise - congrats
51 Adam B   (1/10/2002 9:58:17 PM)
Amazing work, I wish I could have seen it in a larger format, unfortunetly there are the image size limitations for submissions. 9.7
52 Lassi Tolvanen   (1/11/2002 3:31:23 PM)
Jesssssssss!!!!!Like here in Finland....Great shot!!
53 dido   (1/11/2002 8:32:09 PM)
Great shot. Please put the credit line elsewhere (999)
54 Betsy   (1/12/2002 12:05:12 AM)
Absolutely breathtaking!!! I am beyond impressed! How did you ever capture such a sight??? I've never seen anything like it before. Congratulations on Photo of the Day. You deserve it ... you are the master!!!
55 VonBlashke   (1/12/2002 12:46:19 AM)
Northern lights? hmmm.... To me it looks like a volcano eruption. Well done.
56 Kimberly   (1/12/2002 1:42:18 AM)
I just popped in for a few and this caught my eye, so I had to stop by and say, WOW! K~
57 rlephoto (Randy Emmitt)   (1/12/2002 7:48:53 PM)
Yes its excellent!
58 mklue   (1/12/2002 8:04:00 PM)
Hi Phil, definitely one of your best auroras! Everytime I see one of your green auroras, I expect to see a genie appear somewhere..........
59 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (1/12/2002 8:56:45 PM)
Phil ... It's electrostatically splendoriferous! Really a wonderful capture! (9.6)
60 Darwin   (1/13/2002 2:16:18 PM)
This is the best photo in this round of competition IMO... glad to see it back where it belongs.
61 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (1/14/2002 8:25:20 AM)
62 Bill L (Bill Lockyear)   (1/14/2002 4:48:00 PM)
All that can be said has been said. I have seen these lights but never imagined capturing them like this. Nicely done.
63 ken roberts   (1/15/2002 12:13:25 AM)
i saw these lights once when i ate some bad photo...definitly a 10 :)
64 tollisan   (1/15/2002 1:32:35 AM)
excellent photo. great flow from bottom to top
65 John White   (1/15/2002 5:08:13 PM)
Miles ahead of anything Ive seen for a while. Fantastic shot
66 Greg Downing   (1/16/2002 1:26:15 AM)
I thought I commented and voted but I guess I didn't. Just wanted to ad my kudos! Awesome! (10)
67 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (1/16/2002 5:47:16 PM)
Perfect technic! Excellent photo!
68 Darwin   (1/18/2002 2:08:34 PM)
The four people that voted 7's on this photo wouldn't know a good shot if it fell into their cameras.
69 Dima Zverev   (1/18/2002 4:12:56 PM)
Absolutely fantastic picture! 10
70 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (1/20/2002 5:44:45 PM)
Fantastic,,,second only perhaps two your "Tee Pees". I am always puzzled as well by the range in marks on a photo with such obvious qualities.
71 ICU   (1/23/2002 4:03:37 AM)
Congradulation on an excellent capture.
72 Elen Zurita   (1/27/2002 10:57:52 AM)
Wonderful!Perfect! (10)
73 Ivan (Ivan Miksik)   (1/28/2002 10:25:18 AM)
I have only one word: WOW
74 eMHa   (2/3/2002 6:28:49 AM)
Grate, especially this aurora!!!
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