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About PB Contests

About PhotoBlink Contests©

  • Untill now, the PhotoBlink members have competed with each other in the PhotoBlink Streamline © Competition, where any work of the author's choice can take part. The theme Contests are introduced to encourage a creative and a productive approach to photography, allowing photographers to develop their skills of working within the frames of certain given guidelines.
  • To enter a contest, photographers are invited to submit images that fulfil its description. We expect the entries to be original images, containing strong ideas and good technique.
  • To submit an image to a contest, choose the contests you want your image to take part in on the Send Photo page in the combo at the bottom. The image will then be sent to the Streamline competition and to the selected contest(s). (Note that every submitted image automatically takes place in the Streamline).
  • The contest is run over a few judged stages, at the end of which the best entries being picked. A predefined number of top entries from each stage goes further, through to the next stage.

Scoring and Judging

  • The scoring system for the contests is very flexible. The scoring methods can vary from stage to stage.
  • Stages can be judged by PhotoBlink Judges Panel or by the PhotoBlink members (same as on the Streamline).
  • Entries may be judged by different criteria, such as technique, originality, impact.
  • The voting scale may differ from the Streamline voting scale, which ranges from 1 to 10. This may vary from contest/stage to contest/stage. The definitions for the different marks can be found on the contest details page.
  • The absolute winners will be named at the end of the final. The number of winning works will be mentioned in the contest details page too. But every stage can eventually have intermediate winners. Further, category winners can also sometimes be nominated.

Using Contests Forums

  • In order to activate your account open the "Contest Forums" page and press the "Register" link on top. Your account will be automatically created and assigned the user name same as on your main PhotoBlink account. For loggin to the forums use this name (don't use your PB login name!!!!) and your PB password

PhotoBlink Copyright © Sergei Samus.