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(to Geordie)

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Comment by svs (Vladyslav Sachyk)(2/6/2018 4:07:27 PM) - Good eye contact

Comment by oblivia(1/11/2018 6:32:08 PM) - agree about the mood and moon shot. The sky is a bit pixelated near the couple.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/12/2017 1:00:34 PM) - Your last two Angels are my favourite from the whole series.

Comment by Sreten(11/9/2017 5:29:02 AM) - Great light, colors and mood.The sky back ground is very interesting.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(11/8/2017 4:55:26 AM) - #2 Sreten: Thank you - The 'Angel of the North' is close to where I live and is a fav subject when I cannot travel far.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(11/8/2017 4:54:12 AM) - #1 Sergei Samus(Serega to friends): The moon shot was taken by itself on a 'supermoon' night - for this pic I added a grad colour to blend with the sunset - Thanks Dean.

Comment by Sreten(11/8/2017 1:01:19 AM) - Lovely mood.

Comment by Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)(11/7/2017 5:14:53 PM) - good work Dean. The image is too big for my 1600x900 monitor however. Did you take the moon shot yourself? It's very good.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(8/15/2017 2:34:21 AM) - I agree with Sreten and what a nice place to live Dean

Comment by Sreten(7/15/2017 2:17:40 PM) - Very good wide angle.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(6/6/2017 8:49:28 AM) - #1 Sreten: thank you - its very quiet here?

Comment by Sreten(6/2/2017 8:13:31 AM) - Interesting POV while the added water makes it more dramatic. Have a nice week end, Dean.

Comment by Sreten(9/26/2016 8:02:48 AM) - Lovely details and clarity. Nice warm light on this proud guy.

Comment by Sreten(9/23/2016 12:01:23 PM) - Great colors and details on this lovely robin.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(9/6/2016 3:27:31 AM) - Great catch. On the washing line?

Comment by Wessel-130766(9/6/2016 1:43:10 AM) - Great one Dean.

Comment by Koduck(9/5/2016 10:27:02 PM) - great catch and bokeh

Comment by Sreten(9/5/2016 4:07:57 PM) - Excellent!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(9/4/2016 10:55:55 AM) - #8 joe bellantoni: That crop certainly does work well - That's what I like about this site, always some good advice and tips on improvement. Thank You.

Comment by Susanne (Susanne Eftevand)(9/3/2016 3:14:18 AM) - Well done !

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(9/3/2016 3:08:10 AM) - Cool idea

Comment by Zenonas(8/28/2016 3:05:09 AM) - Wow!

Comment by Sreten(8/27/2016 3:35:28 PM) - Wonderful!!!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(8/27/2016 6:13:44 AM) - That's pretty spectacular

Comment by Sreten(8/23/2016 4:17:36 PM) - Curiosity everywhere! Outstanding shot, Dean!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(8/13/2016 9:49:02 AM) - Very well done!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(7/24/2016 11:04:57 AM) - #3 Stuart Holmes: Not much PP - In Lightroom/tweaked highlights and shadows/Graduated exp on sky/A tad Vibrance/resize/crop/sharpen/save for web.
Thank you - Dean.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/24/2016 2:59:50 AM) - Great colour and mood

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(7/24/2016 1:35:09 AM) - The greatest city in the world, nice image Dean

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/24/2016 12:45:03 AM) - Very nice work. I'd love to see a comment up here about your post-production process for this. Looks great!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Koduck(7/24/2016 12:20:07 AM) - Excellent all around, love the crop.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(7/23/2016 2:32:45 PM) - Excellent view, great linear composition and the warm evening color.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(7/23/2016 9:07:41 AM) - Top class!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(7/23/2016 2:01:49 AM) - Fabulous image Dean

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/22/2016 9:34:32 AM) - I love the warm tone. Funny, I wonder what causes the sun to look like it has ears here...[^924;253;1][^998;251;1]

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/21/2016 2:49:35 AM) - Weird and wonderful, great sense of fun

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/20/2016 5:24:52 PM) - Clever!

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/14/2016 10:45:26 PM) - Stunning phenomenon with the cloud wrapping around that rock tower. It's a bit dark for my taste,with the cloud almost looking like smoke, but I suspect that's due to a low hanging sun. Still, I think lifting the shadows or a little exposure comp. overall would make this really pop.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(6/16/2016 12:40:08 PM) - Terrific angle, full,of interest

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(6/15/2016 12:27:25 PM) - Excellent!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(6/14/2016 11:56:11 PM) - Apparently you get to see some of the worlds greatest sunsets from here, great capture Dean

Comment by Koduck(6/14/2016 6:50:22 PM) - Love the colors and contrast.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Koduck(6/14/2016 6:49:22 PM) - Great comp, great light, great capture. Very well done.

Comment by Ad(6/14/2016 4:03:06 PM) - Wonderful!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Wessel-130766(6/14/2016 3:13:44 PM) - Wonderful shot

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Reidar(6/14/2016 8:17:32 AM) - Excellent shot!! Nice light, nice composition and nice colors.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(6/13/2016 8:05:12 PM) - Beautiful image Dean, (Welcome back, haven't seen you for ages)

Comment by steve sharpe(5/12/2016 2:09:42 PM) - well captured, great focus, the eye looks great, the BG looks a little busy in places

Comment by Les McLean (**** ))(1/29/2016 5:35:14 AM) - Yes, I do like this, the toning is superb, and the light perfect.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(1/28/2016 2:55:06 AM) - Excellent portrait with great eye contact and details.

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