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Comment by luna(3/17/2021 7:54:53 PM) - ??

nice photo

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(2/28/2020 9:49:21 AM) - Close though ;-)

Comment by Kenn Reay(2/22/2020 2:37:01 PM) - Bad putt mate. but love the shot.

Comment by Boulatov Dmitry(12/12/2019 9:46:09 AM) - very nice moment

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(8/31/2015 4:00:13 PM) - #1 April(Cindy Metzger): Thanks Cindy. Put down my bike and picked up my camera again, mind you I have also picked up a bit of weight again too ... :(

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by April (Cindy Metzger)(8/31/2015 10:50:13 AM) - An excellent action catch nonetheless! Great pov, feather details...and that eye.

Comment by Koduck(7/22/2015 9:26:54 PM) - Tremendous catch!

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/18/2015 5:04:47 AM) - #8 Zenonas:
#9 DAT(Davey Towers): Thank you :-)

Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(7/18/2015 1:34:28 AM) - An exceptional catch, well done, regards

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(7/17/2015 4:25:53 PM) - Very cool, expressive action shot!

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:45:51 PM) - But off to take Harvey for a walk now..

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:44:20 PM) - go and enjoy watching the golf....

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:43:11 PM) - So I'll take my binoculars and....

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:42:59 PM) - No more cameras allowed at the Open

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:42:35 PM) - One or two other similar images from the 16th tee. Had a great time there too :-)

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:36:04 PM) - And thats enough :-)

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:35:55 PM) - And another

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:35:46 PM) - A couple more examples

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/17/2015 2:32:20 PM) - #1 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#2 Ray Griffiths( ):
#3 Zenonas:

Thank you. The road hole bunker was a bit of a challenge, especially when you couldn't see the player as they were right in the bunker. LOL

Comment by Zenonas(7/17/2015 2:04:37 PM) - Cool shot!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(7/17/2015 10:45:43 AM) - Great action shot

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(7/17/2015 9:44:23 AM) - Cracking shot!

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(7/23/2014 5:04:47 PM) - #1 Boulatov Dmitry:
#2 Wessel-130766:

Thank you. Using Harvey for practice again.....

Comment by Wessel-130766(7/23/2014 4:58:24 PM) - Great moment and action captured

Comment by Boulatov Dmitry(7/22/2014 4:45:59 PM) - like it! very good moment

Comment by Zenonas(9/19/2013 5:18:31 PM) - Great portrait of this famous man!

Comment by Reidar(9/19/2013 5:04:59 PM) - Good natural portrait!!

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/19/2013 3:51:54 PM) - And Ned "Yellow Jumper" Boulting. Ned Boulting is a cycling commentator who has covered every Tour De France since 2003 for ITV.

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/17/2013 2:51:05 AM) - #3 Hania(Anna Franek):
#4 Zenonas:
Thank you. I think bare legs were a bit brave in the conditions. Mind you he's the pro. I think this Garmin rider decided on a last minute change of gloves :)

Comment by Zenonas(9/16/2013 4:40:55 PM) - Great sport journalism!

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(9/16/2013 4:01:57 PM) - Very good journalism indeed. Rain on the leg tells a story :)

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/16/2013 3:30:45 PM) - #1 Yosi Helmann: Thank you. I'm a roadie :) Yes, it is mostly about your suffering tolerance. Still, enjoyable too. Mind you, these guys are on a different level entirely ;)

Comment by Yosi Helmann(9/16/2013 9:01:43 AM) - I'm a biker too, so this picture talk to me. I'm a mountains biker but i always amazing from the determination of the road cyclers.

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/16/2013 8:57:32 AM) - #2 joe bellantoni: Lopez having a last minute bit of food. :)

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/16/2013 8:27:59 AM) - #2 joe bellantoni: Sir Dave Braillsford watching the water pour down outside the 'Deathstar' (team Sky bus).

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/15/2013 4:31:17 PM) - #2 joe bellantoni: Thanks. It's full frame and he doesn't hang around so it was a quick grab (a bit like wildlife). I had managed to get in with the press photographers (but was careful not to get in the way either) outside the team Sky bus. Weather was really bad!!

Comment by joe bellantoni(9/15/2013 4:25:06 PM) - good closeup Dave...

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/15/2013 7:58:31 AM) - The Route

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/9/2013 2:59:22 AM) - #11 joe bellantoni: LOL.

Comment by joe bellantoni(9/8/2013 3:38:54 PM) - well is this the "Dolly Parton " good work Dave!

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/8/2013 1:48:46 PM) - #9 Naseer Fedaee(Kindness Cost Nothing..): Thank you. Will have to climb it next ;) Going to try and get out (without my bike) and do a bit more walking.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Naseer Fedaee (Kindness Cost Nothing..)(9/8/2013 1:46:07 PM) - Well done and wonderful work with top composed and POV ..

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/8/2013 3:27:22 AM) - #5 Berrinhos:
#6 April(Cindy Metzger):
#7 Sjilkov:

Thank you. Still patchy attendance on here I'm afraid.

Comment by Sjilkov(9/7/2013 4:04:35 PM) - Good

Comment by April (Cindy Metzger)(9/7/2013 11:27:10 AM) - Cloaked in clouds, cool catch of this weather phenom. And good to see you too.

Comment by Berrinhos(9/7/2013 10:38:06 AM) - Great landscape.

Comment by DPS (David Stevenson)(9/7/2013 5:14:52 AM) - #1 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#2 Reidar:
#3 Hania(Anna Franek):
Thanks. It's an old photo. Don't worry about judging, just wanted to take part ;) I still need to 'get out' with my camera, but that's coming slowly :)

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(9/7/2013 4:46:55 AM) - Great thanks David for the participation! Your entry does not make my judging easier :)
The results of the Contest will be announced in the Contest Forums.

Comment by Reidar(9/7/2013 4:39:53 AM) - Agree with Dean...lovely picture.

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(9/7/2013 4:10:24 AM) - Beautiful sight this 'waterfall' of cloud - excellent entry.

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