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(by Graham Mealandto Graham Mealand)

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Comment by Graham Mealand(4/19/2014 5:05:34 AM) - #9 Ray Griffiths(Slowly letting go):
Thanks Ray, good to hear from you.

Comment by Graham Mealand(4/2/2014 2:26:42 AM) - I like your style Mauro, again creative thinking.

Comment by Graham Mealand(4/2/2014 2:24:55 AM) - Creative and original.

Comment by Graham Mealand(3/10/2014 3:40:26 PM) - #1 Helly(Helly and Graham Horrocks):
You're right Helly, I forgot you were a regular visitor!

Comment by Graham Mealand(3/10/2014 4:32:02 AM) - You have aachieved a wonderful atmospheric feel in this image Elisabeth.

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/26/2014 12:25:15 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(I'm building an Ark):
#2 Reda Danaf:
#3 bert:
#4 Mario Dias:
#5 Jeanne Miller:
Thank you for your comments, these are appreciated as always.

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/24/2014 1:48:58 AM) - Very inventive idea Ray.

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Comment by Graham Mealand(2/14/2014 1:30:30 AM) - You've excelled yourself here Ray, dramatically beautiful.

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/13/2014 3:53:50 AM) - Photography at it's very best- superb.

Comment by Graham Mealand(2/5/2014 5:51:06 PM) - Is your image an adapted version of 8/7/13 ?

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/17/2014 5:42:26 PM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#2 Ray Griffiths(Spring is Coming):
#3 joe bellantoni:
#4 Naseer Fedaee(Kindness Cost Nothing..):
#5 Amaher(Amaher Amaher):
Your comments and advice are appreciated.

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/13/2014 1:35:44 AM) - What a special moment, well captured serj.

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/13/2014 1:34:35 AM) - #1 Zenonas:
#2 Ray Griffiths(Spring is Coming):
#3 Wessel-130766:
#4 Elisabeth:
#5 Hania(Anna Franek):
Thanks everyone for your comments.

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/12/2014 7:38:28 AM) - #4 Elisabeth:
My first view of your stunning shot set me thinking that it was very blue in the thundery sky.
This sometimes means that there is an unnatural colouring which can be adjusted in PS by clicking in the affected sky to produce it's real colour- unfortunately my system doesn't allow me to show how.

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/12/2014 5:19:35 AM) - Elisabeth your work is so pleasing to the viewer. It's possible that there's a colour cast here which the more able than me amongst us might be able to correct- providing an even more superb capture (but only if my comment is correct of course!)

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/3/2014 11:38:25 AM) - Your photography is so imaginative Elisabeth, makes for interesting viewing.

Comment by Graham Mealand(1/3/2014 11:33:30 AM) - It's good of you to share your family photos with us Helly,watching Katie grow up via PB has been a privilege.

Comment by Graham Mealand(12/25/2013 11:35:44 AM) - Bit quiet today Elisabeth but thank you for your greetings and your lovely serene photo.

Comment by Graham Mealand(12/3/2013 2:24:02 AM) - Isn't Scotland wonderful? You have captured the true feel of it all.

Comment by Graham Mealand(12/3/2013 2:22:18 AM) - I envy your location taking such awe inspiring photos as this,, a joy to view.

Comment by Graham Mealand(12/2/2013 10:29:29 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
Many thanks Ray.

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Comment by Graham Mealand(12/1/2013 9:32:54 AM) - Wow! Full marks reidar for such an original photo.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/28/2013 6:21:57 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming): I visited the Talisker wonderworks on Skye to sniff the breeze but couldn't quite manage the £40 price tag for a bottle of their single malt! Regards.

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Comment by Graham Mealand(11/27/2013 4:35:39 PM) - Agree with Marius but not sure rafal's example improves the image. Great fg detail and colours provide an eye feast.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/27/2013 4:31:40 PM) - Scotland has awe inspiring landscapes and my eyes are drawn to the clouds which could complete a pano picture. Imo there is a lot of detail in the fg however which is waiting to be revealed with lovely colours maybe, contributing to a superb photo.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/23/2013 6:26:28 PM) - Good exposure control in difficult circs Sasha.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/23/2013 5:44:02 AM) - #1 Sreten:
#2 Sjilkov:
#3 Naseer Fedaee(Kindness Cost Nothing..):
#4 Reidar:
#5 rafal_antoniuk:
With thanks for taking time to comment from Mrs M & me.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:59:44 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 Sreten:
#4 Sjilkov:
#5 Reidar:
#6 Yosi Helmann:
#7 Hania(Anna Franek):
It was worth the climb to that windy balcony to receive your comments- always appreciated.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:58:18 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 Reidar:
Thanks for the warning Ray, must watch my step! Thanks to you both for commenting.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:57:10 AM) - #9 rafal_antoniuk:
Thanks for your welcome comment rafal.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:56:01 AM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#2 Sreten:
#3 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#4 incult(Marius Caragea):
#5 Reidar:
Wouldn't mind being there right now in warmer climes! Thanks for taking time to comment.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:54:44 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 incult(Marius Caragea):
#3 Jeff Brown UK:
#4 Elisabeth:
Roll on Summer when (hopefully) we shall be visiting the Isles of Scilly again. Thanks for your welcome comments.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:53:25 AM) - #1 Reidar:
#2 Helly(Helly and Graham Horrocks):
#3 incult(Marius Caragea):
#4 Elisabeth:
#5 Zenonas:
Thanks for your comments from Mrs M & me.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:52:38 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 incult(Marius Caragea):
Apologies for not acknowledging your comments, thank you.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:51:47 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 Safa:
#4 Safa:
#5 Sjilkov:
#6 Reidar:
Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/22/2013 7:50:56 AM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#2 Reidar:
#3 Reda Danaf:
#4 Boulatov Dmitry:
I do appreciate your helpful comments.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/19/2013 12:22:57 PM) - #2 Sreten: I like your crop Sreten,removing the skyline provides a different focus.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/19/2013 2:08:08 AM) - Best time of day to be out shooting, well done rafal.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/19/2013 2:06:23 AM) - I'd say your present image is vibrant indeed- if it had been posted earlier it would have scored well.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/19/2013 2:04:06 AM) - Well done Ray, great country- where are my boots?

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/18/2013 1:06:44 AM) - Beautiful photo in your own unmatchable style.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/13/2013 2:07:52 PM) - #1 Sreten:
#2 Ray Griffiths(Pictures speak louder than words):
#4 Reidar:
#7 incult(Marius Caragea):
Your comments are very much appreciated. thank you.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/12/2013 4:33:25 PM) - #4 Reidar: Thanks for your interest Reidar, we were somewhere around 6000 m at our highest point, this was on our return.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/12/2013 9:08:55 AM) - #2 Ray Griffiths(Pictures speak louder than words):
Just to the Base Camp Ray, I could have gone further but only in my head as my body had almost stopped working at the time!

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/7/2013 1:37:00 AM) - Jeff Brown makes a good suggestion, it gives your photo a different emphasis which IMHO I prefer.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/6/2013 6:58:48 AM) - Wide & wonderful Reidar, you have an excellent lens here.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/6/2013 6:57:23 AM) - You can hear & feel the surf, such is the clarity of this image Elisabeth. Roll on Winter so we can walk the beaches.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/5/2013 1:35:10 AM) - Stunning colours and clarity, a joy to view.

Comment by Graham Mealand(11/2/2013 6:27:07 PM) - Best yet darko, natural & appealing image.

Comment by Graham Mealand(10/29/2013 4:40:49 AM) - Well said Elisabeth, I share your thoughts. it will be 10 years ago for me next year when, if my memory serves, 50 posts a day were the norm. I rate PB and hope sincerely that it will retain the interest of past & present photographers.
(Like your photo btw)

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